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  • #337 "Edgewood" was built by Boyd & Mable Buckwalter around 1915, and has been passed down through the family to grandson Joe, the current owner.
  • #336 "Minnetonka" was owned by Burton & Ruby Harris, then by Charles "Bud" Hamilton & Doris (Harris) Hamilton, then by Doris herself, It is currently owned by a great-great-grandniece of Doris.
  • #335 was owned by Charles "Ted" & Elizabeth Morgan, then Roy & Ruth (Morgan) Davis, and currently by Janet Davis Norris.
  • #334 "The Pines" was originally owned by a Morgan & Williams family, then by Bob & Millie (Morgan) Von Bergen family and is currently shared by daughters Jane and Anne.
  • #333 was Elizabeth Rought, then Wyrewood & Aldie Thomas, then Louie & Mary Cianfichi, now Roy & Lois Davis.
  • #332 was Rudy Jr & Bea Kunz, built in 1923, now Rudy III and Ellen (Judge) Kunz.
  • #331 was Willie & Catherine James, then Scotty and Alice Clark, now Ralph & Frieda (Klatt) Robertson.
  • #330 was Bill & Kathryn Crunden, then John & Peggy (Crunden) Francis, now their children.
  • #329 was Gene & Bess Diehl, then Anna Willaims and her sister Marie, then Lewis & Barbara Davies, now Tom & Kathleen (Foley) Kerl.
  • #328 "JonAnJaLu" was a Harding family, then a Butler family, Jack Butler kept a horse in what was then a stable on the other side of the road. It was purchased by Bob Cook, then by the Johnson family, and is now currently owned by Frank & Donna DeSmedt.
  • #327 was a Stevens family, then Frank & Mary Bronzo, then Bill & Rosalie (Bronzo) Clark, now their children.
  • #326 was Jim & Irene Laudig, built in 1912, then inherited by Dave Laudig and Paul & Janet Laudig, and is currently owned by Doris Johnson.
  • #325 was a Jones family, then by Walter and Mary Morgan in the mid 1940s. The cottage was owned by the Morgans through the 50s and 60s, who summered there with son Bud and daughter Susie. An upright piano owned by the Morgans now resides at the bottom of Lake Sheridan, dragged out onto the ice one winter after it had outlived its usefuleness and left there to sink in the spring when the ice
  • eventually melted. The property is currently owned by Nancy Sprague.

  • #324 was originally a Mrs. Tiffany, then L. H. Diehl family, then an Owens family into the1950s, then Robert and Marian Campbell in the late 1950s and early 60s, then Ed Armstrong and his wife who left the cottage to their son, Harry, and his wife Adeline (Phillips) Armstrong. They spent summers there with their children and grandchildren. When the four siblings had grown children, the original structure was demolished and a new cottage erected. Carol and Harry Armstrong took possession of the property after Adeline passed on, and the other siblings (Sallie Noto, Phil Armstrong, and Tina Wydeen) all have their own cottages at the Lake.
  • #323 "Point Breeze" was built around 1914 on land acquired by Frank C. Driggs from Frank S. Casterline in 1898. Frank Driggs and his wife, Ella, sold to George and Virginia Stevens, who sold to Bob and Peg (Morgan) Thomas in 1947. It was originally a heavily wooded property, but because Peg's mother Reba wanted to be able to see the lake, 27 trees were felled by hand in the winter of 1947-48, using axes and a two-man crosscut saw. A bulldozer was brought in to clear the land, but a number of large root balls still remained. Several of the biggest clumps were blasted away by gun powder obtained from a dynamiter friend of Ellsworth Morgan's from his coal mining days. Due to an excess amount of blasting powder, one of the biggest clumps was blown literally half way across the lake. In 1988, the property was inherited by the Thomas's son, Bob, & his wife Barb and will
  • eventually be passed on to daughters Wylie Thomas and Hillary Borzillo.

  • #322 "Haus der Spiele" was built by Bill & Marie Heim in the early 1960s, then was willed to sons Bill Jr. and Robert Heim who sold to Bob & Barb Thomas in 1999. The house is currently rented to Ken, Kelsey and Katy Lee
  • #321 "The Hi Hat" was once owned by the Moe Alpert family, then purchased from Robert Alpert by Tina(Armstrong) & Don Wydeen with Dustin & Gretchen
  • #320 is currently owned by Bill & Joan Fritz

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